House of Horror’s Jordan Turpin Debuts Romance With Boyfriend

Jordan Turpin has found a happily ever after.

Jordan—who escaped from her parents’ “House of Horror” in 2018—has hit a new milestone in her personal life: She’s in a relationship.

The 23-year-old debuted her romance with boyfriend Matt Ryan by posting a sweet selfie on their joint Instagram page April 14, confirming a few days later that the pair are, in fact, official when the 24-year-old photographer joined her for a makeup tutorial video.

“My bf guessing where my makeup products go on my face. Hope you guys enjoy,” Jordan wrote on Instagram April 16, adding to her fans, “Thank yall for all the love and support you giving us in the last 24 hours.”

And Jordan is clearly feeling the love from her “babe” most of all, gushing that Matt “did a really good job” guessing the types of makeup products she was using in the clip.

“He went with me to get my hair done yesterday and it was just so sweet,” she added, “because he, like, stayed the whole time.”

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