Olivia Rodrigo Handles Her Top Breaking Mid-Performance Like a Dream

Olivia Rodrigo didn’t give up, give up during her set.

After all, the “Bad Idea” singer’s major wardrobe malfunction didn’t stop her from performing at her sold-out show in London May 14.

During her song “Love is Embarrassing,” Olivia crouched down onstage, and when she stood up, the clasps on her black leather crop top came undone. With one hand on her mic and the other holding the front of her top, the 21-year-old signaled to her dancer for help as she belted out the lyrics.

As the dancer attempted to clip her bralette, Olivia continued to perform, but she couldn’t help but laugh and sing, “This is f–king embarrassing, woohoo!” She swiftly ran off stage to adjust after the song, reassuring the crowd playfully, “I almost flashed you guys, but it’s OK now!”

Fans commended the dancer for trying to step in mid-performance, with one writing under a viral TikTok of the incident, “The dancer is awesome trying to fix it while vibing.” Another admitted, “It all felt a part of the performance. They handled it so well.

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