YouTuber Abhradeep “Angry Rantman” Saha Dead at 27 After Major Surgery

The YouTube community has lost a star.

Abhradeep Saha—known as “Angry Rantman” on the video platform—died on the morning of April 17, his family shared. He was 27.

“With profound grief and sorrow, we hereby declare the sad and untimely demise of Abhradeep Saha AKA #AngryRantman,” they said in a statement posted on Abhradeep’s social media accounts. “He touched the lives of millions with his Honesty, humour and unwavering spirit.”

Sharing that the content creator “will be deeply missed by all who knew him,” the family added, “As we mourn his loss, let us remember the joy he brought to our lives and hold on to the cherished memories we share together. Inspiring change one rant at a time.”

Abhradeep’s passing comes one month after his family shared news that he had undergone major surgery for an undisclosed matter. Though the procedure “went well,” they said in a YouTube community note that Abhradeep did have “post surgery complications.”

“Let’s all pray for his recovery,” they wrote. “God bless!!!”

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