Why Danielle Jonas Sometimes Feels “Less Than” Her Sisters-in-Law

Danielle Jonas sometimes doesn’t feel part of the band when it comes to the Jonas Sisters.

The television personality, who is married to Kevin Jonas, said she has a “love hate” relationship with her husband’s fame, noting that it can have an impact on how she views herself compared to sisters-in-law Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner, the wives of Nick and Joe Jonas, respectively.

“I feel like I am torn,” Danielle told the LadyGang podcast June 27. “Finding like my place in it, because the two boys married somebody who, they’re actresses, they’re out there, everyone knows them. And I feel like I’m Danielle, you know, and it’s hard.”

Joining Danielle on the podcast appearance, Kevin also expressed similar feelings of comparison with this two younger brothers.

“I think everyone’s listening [and] they’re like, ‘No, not even close, what are you talking about?!’ But [I]? feel that way too,” the Jonas Brothers member added. “Nick and Joe, right? Like solo careers, movies, all this stuff. It’s like everyone has to find their place… No matter the situation, right? I think like for us communicating, talking through it.”

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