Tori Spelling Reveals 16-Year-Old Liam Suffered Fall Before Surgery

Liam McDermott is on the mend.

After Tori Spelling shared her and Dean McDermott‘s eldest son had to undergo foot surgery, the mom of five is sharing insight into the 16-year-old’s recovery process, noting that Liam “did great.”

“It’s going to be a long journey,” she wrote alongside a Dec. 14 photo of Liam’s bandaged foot shared to her Instagram Stories, “but we take it day by day.”

Tori went on to explain the cause behind the procedure, adding, “Liam fell down the stairs at home and has been in pain and immobile since.”

And after six weeks and “no healing,” Tori shared they learned the injury led to his “navicular accessory fractured bone in [the] right foot” needing to be removed, after which his tendon was “reattached to his main bone with a metal hook rod.”

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum also expressed gratitude to those who reached out amid her son’s recovery.

“Thx to everyone for Liam and sending him messages and calls and [heart emoji] and humor before and after his surgery,” she added. “Meant a lot to him. He felt so loved.”

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