The Hugl Body Pillow Is Like Sleeping on Clouds — and It’s on Sale

The Hugl Body Pillow Is Like Sleeping on Clouds — and It’s on Sale

What is a Plufl?

The Plufl has been dubbed by its eponymous brand as “the world’s first dog bed for humans.” Shaped like an elongated pet donut bed, the Plufl is designed with a 360° pillow bolster and cushioned with a mattress-grade memory and orthopedic foam base. The brand has also released the Hugl, a cooling body pillow that is designed to help its user relieve tension and achieve sounder sleep.

The brand was originally seen on Shark Tank and has amassed a vast following in the past year, attaining over 100M social media impressions and selling out six times to date.

Is the Plufl worth it?

While the Plufl has a higher price tag, many shoppers rave that it is completely worth the investment compared to cheaper alternatives. They highlight standout features such as the premium material and stuffing quality, superior cushioning, overall design, and customer support.

If you are on the fence about purchasing a Plufl, now is the best time to take the leap, as it is currently 45% off the regular price as part of brand’s Sleep Week Sale. That is, you can score the $499 Plufl for just $275 until Saturday, March 16, 2024. The brand’s $249 Hugl is also on sale for $175.

Where can I buy a Plufl?

You can purchase the Plufl on the brand’s flagship website or on Amazon. While the Plufl is likely to ship faster via Amazon Prime, you can score the product at a significantly lower price on the original site thanks to the store’s current Sleep Week Sale, which runs until March 16, 2024.

How can I get the Plufl on sale?

Plufl is currently running its Sleep Week Sale, which includes up to 45% off sitewide until March 16, 2024. Bestselling items in the sale include the signature Plufl bed and Hugl body pillow.

How do you clean a Plufl?

To clean your Plufl, simply unzip the cover, remove the base mattress and support bolsters, and wash the cover in a laundry machine on a cold cycle. Then, hang the cover out to air dry in order to maintain the quality of the vegan faux fur. You can also purchase spare covers for your Plufl and Hugl on the flagship website.

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