The Best Cooling Sheets to Keep You Comfy & Sweat-Free, All Night Long

The Best Cooling Sheets to Keep You Comfy & Sweat-Free, All Night Long

Personally, I’m not a hot sleeper and don’t suffer from night sweats (brag), but I do sleep next to a person who does, so I get it. A bed sheet that’s too warm can keep you from a solid night’s sleep, so you need comfortable bedding that will circulate the air. The best cooling sheet and sheet sets are made of a breathable fabric that also handles moisture well. There are tons of options out there, so I’ve put together a list of possibilities, including a wide variety of materials and aesthetics, to help you achieve the sleep of your dreams.

What to Consider When It Comes to Cooling Sheets

  • Material: The most breathable and cooling sheet materials are typically those made from natural fibers, like cotton and linen (keep an eye out for cotton sheets with a percale weave, which tends to be cooler than sateen). You’ll also find that sheets made from some synthetic fabrics can be soft and lightweight for a hot sleeper, like Lyocell (aka Tencel), which is a type of rayon that is chemically processed from eucalyptus trees, and bamboo, which is another type of rayon that is also goes through a chemical process from bamboo wood. Microfiber sheets are typically not as cooling as cotton, but some options came with such high ratings and low price points, that I included them.
  • Moisture-Wicking: All of the sheets below are breathable, but if you’re experiencing night sweats, you might want a sheet set that also absorbs moisture and wicks it away from your skin. Not all breathable sheets are moisture-wicking, but I’ve indicated below when they include that feature. 


So, keep on scrolling for the most breathable and cooling sheets for your bed. From Twin XL to California King, these are the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillow case sets that you’ll want on your bed, like, tonight. If you’re a hot sleeper, good night.

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