Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Is Getting an Offline Mode After Release, Rocksteady Confirms

If you were put off by the idea that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is an always-online game, I have some good news: Rocksteady Studios confirmed that it will make the story mode available offline, but only after the game releases.

In the official Discord server for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, a Rocksteady employee confirmed in the announcements channel that the developer plans to add an offline story mode. As you can see from the screenshot below, the offline story mode won’t be available at release, but Rocksteady is “aiming to add this update in 2024.”

Rocksteady confirmed late last night that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s story mode will be available offline sometime after release.

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During a February State of Play held this year, Rocksteady confirmed that not only would Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League require an online connection even when playing in single-player, but it will also be a live-service game. Many fans were thoroughly disappointed by the news, with it turning off some from the game altogether.

The announcement came after a new trailer debuted last night at the 2023 Game Awards, with Rocksteady continuing to give us more glimpses at the DC title. To that end, Rocksteady also kickstarted a new developer diary series last month; in the first video of the series, it revealed that its version of Metropolis would be twice the size of Gotham City depicted in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Originally set to launch sometime in 2022 before getting delayed into early 2023, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was supposed to come out on May 26. Rocksteady subsequently delayed Suicide Squad to February 2, 2024.

For more, check out our feature, where we take a closer look at how its first developer diary shed light on the game’s biggest plot mystery.

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