Oliver Hudson Admits He Cheated on Wife Erinn Bartlett Before Marriage

Oliver Hudson is coming clean about a low point in his relationship with his wife. 

In fact, the Cleaning Lady actor shared that he was unfaithful to Erinn Bartlett before the couple tied the knot in 2006.

“When I got engaged, something happened psychologically and I spiraled,” Oliver explained on the April 7 episode of his podcast, Sibling Rivalry. “I was unfaithful, and I was cheating. It was crazy.”

Although Oliver insisted he “never got caught” in the act, he decided to confess his wrongdoing to his then-fiancée.

“I told her everything because I couldn’t live with myself and get married,” he noted, “and be married and have children with this sort of weight.”

At the time, he also told Erinn the reason for his infidelity: As he put it, there was “something happening to me psychologically that I sort of had to get through,” but he decided he wanted to work through the issue because “she is an amazing woman.”

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