NFL Star Tevin Coleman’s Daughter, 6, Placed on Ventilator

Tevin Coleman‘s 6-year-old daughter Nazaneen has experienced a brief roadblock in her health journey with sickle cell disease.

The NFL star and his wife Akilah Coleman shared that their child was recently placed on a ventilator because she “couldn’t breathe on her own” and “needed the machine to expand her lungs [and] breathe for her.”

“I was swinging in & out of consciousness, it’s a feeling unexplainable watching your child literally fight to breathe,” Akilah wrote in a joint Instagram post on April 9. “It’s really hard for any parent to be this kind of vulnerable & transparent but we feel it’s important because we share so many of our highs & our successions that it would be disingenuous & misleading not to share this.”

Calling her daughter the “most resilient girl I know,” Akilah shared that Nazaneen—who has a 6-year-old twin brother named Nezerah—also had a blood transfusion amid her hospitalization. Fortunately, the young girl’s condition since improved and she was discharged from the hospital, as seen in an accompanying video shared by the couple. 

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