Nara Smith Shares “Controversial” Names She Almost Gave Baby Girl

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Nara Smith isn’t only known for her creativity in the kitchen—she’s also known for cooking up unique baby names. 

That’s why the TikToker shared some of the inventive names that she was deciding on before welcoming her third child, daughter Whimsy Lou Smith, with husband Lucky Blue Smith earlier this month. 

“We were almost going to name her Tink,” Nara revealed in an April 17 TikTok video, adding that she “loved the name Bow” for her middle name. 

Noting that she also “really liked fruit names” while sifting through options, Nara went on to list a handful of other possibilities, such as Lemon, Plum and Clementine, before adding, “I also really liked Pippen, or Pip for short, and Dottie, or Dot for short. And then Ivy as well, just because that would have almost been my name.”

When it came to boy names, the model’s list was admittedly a bit shorter, as she and Lucky—who also share daughter Rumble Honey Smith, 3, and son Slim Easy Smith, 2—found those a “bit trickier” to whip up. 

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