Lauren Graham Reveals If She Dated a Gilmore Girls Costar

Lorelei Gilmore is kissing and telling.

Lauren Graham, who played the leading Gilmore Girls character all seven seasons of the early aughts series, revealed that she had, for a time, found love in Stars Hollow. After all, she admitted to dating multiple costars from The WB series. And no, not with Scott Patterson, who played Lorelei’s love interest Luke.

“We did not ever take our work outside of the work,” Lauren said during a panel event in Charleston, South Carolina in November to promote the paperback version of her 2022 book, Have I Told You This Already?. “But I did date a couple of the other guys. I mean, who else was I gonna meet? I was there for 16 hours a day.”

However, before anyone dives deep into the show’s cast list, the 56-year-old did not reveal the names of the fellow Gilmore Girls alumni that she had dated.

Her Gilmore Girls romances aren’t the first time Lauren’s met her significant other on set. She dated Peter Krause, who played her brother on the NBC drama Parenthood—for more than 10 years before breaking up in 2021.

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