Modern Family’s Jeremy Maguire Is Ready To Take Over Hollywood

“In the end,” he said, “there is an extra sense of achievement when you do finish your homework and you also finish that audition you wanted to send in. There’s that feeling that, you did it.”

And you don’t get that feeling if you’re just a student or just an actor.

Jokingly shuddering at the idea of being “normal,” Jeremy observed, “It’s better to have an outstanding life than it is to just fit in. Because fitting in, after awhile, it just gets boring. You got to the point where you’re fitting in, but where’s the adventure? So I think it’s best for you to just stand out, live your own life.”

And one day, people will be telling another young actor that he reminds them of Jeremy Maguire.

Now that you’re caught up with the wise-beyond-his-years actor who played Joe, check in with the rest of the Modern Family cast then and now:

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