Pookie & Jett Puckett Have Fire Red Carpet Debut

Pookie is taking date nights to the next level. 

The iconic TikTok duo Campbell “Pookie” Puckett and Jett Puckett stepped out for the 2024 CMT Music Awards April 7 in Austin, Texas—and it may be their best Sunday date night yet. 

After all, it’s their big red carpet debut, and the duo expressed their excitement to E! NewsPaul Costabile outside the Moody Center. As Jett put it, “I was amazed at the energy level when we got out of the car.”

And Campbell added, “It was a sight to see. I was blown away. I did not know what to expect.”

Of course, Jett had to allude to the TikTok videos that have led to the couple’s fame. 

“It definitely set the tone for the night,” he added. “Quite the Sunday date night.” (See more stars at the CMT Music Awards here and catch more interviews on E! News April 8.) 

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