Mark Cuban: Delonte West sabotages himself

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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently shared his disappointment and frustration regarding the tumultuous journey of former NBA player Delonte West, who has been battling personal issues.

Cuban’s efforts to support West have been well-documented, with the team owner providing assistance, including covering the cost of drug rehabilitation treatment and offering accommodations. Despite these interventions, West’s struggles have persisted.

“It’s just, disappointing is what it is. Or frustrating, I guess,” Cuban told Dana O’Neil of The Athletic. “Delonte sabotages himself. … I don’t know what else to say. It is what it is. I tried.”

The saga began in January 2020 when a video surfaced, showing West in handcuffs on a Washington, D.C. highway. Subsequently, photos revealed him panhandling at an intersection in Dallas in September 2020, prompting Cuban’s initial involvement.

West’s journey took positive steps as he found employment at a rehab facility and reunited with his mother in January 2021.

However, new challenges emerged, including videos showing him begging in Virginia in July 2022.

Most recently, West faced legal troubles, getting arrested on misdemeanor charges in October 2022 for attempting to enter a car that did not belong to him.

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