Kick Off Football Season With Team Pride Jewelry From

Kick Off Football Season With Team Pride Jewelry From $10

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It may still feel like summer, but football season is just around the corner. Apart from painting faces, grilling in the parking lot, and putting on your favorite jersey, there’s one more way to show off your team spirit: Jewelry. No, really. This collection of earrings (and some necklaces!) has something to offer fans of nearly every team and city. Better still, they’re totally versatile.

Hear me out: Each pair is subtle enough to wear to work to celebrate Monday or Thursday nights (or even brag about Sunday’s game), but still cute enough to stand out in Instagram stories of your watch party. So whether you like your logos glittery, bow tie-shaped, classic, or something else entirely, you’ll want to scroll through this nearly exhaustive list of football-themed accessories to get your Serious Fan on this fall.

Oh, and one last thing: Go Birds.

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