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Kwame Appiah got some heat at the Love Is Blind Season 4 Live Reunion on April 16 for his prolonged and flirtatious conversations with Micah Lussier after his engagement to Chelsea Griffin, and he took full responsibility for his actions. “It is incredibly unfair to my wife and I’m so sorry baby and I’m so glad that we’ve grown so much together,” he said during their conversation about the issue. “I’m sorry. I let my ego get the best of me in that moment and I’ll never do that again.”

Kwame and Micah had a very strong connection while blindly dating in the Love Is Blind pods over a year ago, but after Micah ended things with Kwame, he got engaged to the pediatric speech language pathologist. Unfortunately, they experienced some bumps in the road after Kwame and Micah chatted it up with each other on not one, but two occasions. The first flirty conversation came after Kwame got offended when Micah jokingly toasted to their failed engagement in Mexico. Kwame let Micah know how uncool of a joke it was, but things headed in a different direction when they began reminiscing about their past and speaking about their strong bond.

Micah and Kwame Love is Blind
Kwame and Micah speak about their connection in Mexico on Season 4 of ‘Love Is Blind’ (Photo: Courtesy of Netflix)

Aside from apologizing to Chelsea, Kwame also directed a message at her family during the live reunion. “It’s not an accurate representation of our relationship and definitely not for me,” he stated. “They all need to know how much I love and care for my wife.”

Lastly, Kwame addressed viewers, many of whom were convinced that Kwame was not actually ready to marry Chelsea after seeing how strong of a connection he had with Micah. “I accept completely what happened there and I know I needed to grow to get past moments like that,” he admitted. “I think that I’m in a better spot and that puts us in a better spot.”

As for his connection with Micah, the sales development manager confirmed that he had no feelings for Micah after his engagement to Chelsea. However, co-host Vanessa Lachey wasn’t immediately trusting of his words. After Kwame’s statement, Vanessa wondered why he had such an emotional reaction to their split in the pods — especially after he admitted he knew he and Micah were going to call it quits.

Chelsea and Kwame Love is Blind
Chelsea and Kwame are still happily married after following in love on Season 4 of ‘Love is Blind’ (Photo: Courtesy of Netflix)

“Our hearts were both going in different directions and they were directions that were definitely better for us and we needed to take that step,” he explained after noting that he and Micah had several long dates scheduled that they cut short because they were having less fun together. “We both knew it was coming up,” he added. As for his seemingly emotional reaction to the split, Kwame confessed that he felt like it happened so fast that he didn’t get much closure.

“I still had to process that pain that was felt,” he recalled. “I feel like in that moment, I needed a bit more closure and acceptance that we did mean something to each other at some  point It helped us to get to this point of our journey where we are blessed to go in this  better direction.”

As for Chelsea, a fan-favorite of Love Is Blind Season 4, she conceded that while learning the extent of Micah and her husband’s past relationship was uncomfortable to watch, she has no ill feelings toward anyone. “It’s such a complicated experience,” she noted, choosing to give everyone involved “the benefit of the doubt.” She added, “We all cope in different ways. We deal with it the best that we can.” She also revealed that she met Kwame’s mom — who refused to attend their wedding — and said she was welcomed with “open arms”.

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