Jimmy Butler: “Down 0-1, we know we’re gonna get to four”

Jimmy Butler is not concerned with the Heat losing Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Nuggets. As always, the 33-year-old Miami star remains confident in his team’s ability to win the series.

“I don’t think too much has to be said. I really don’t,” Butler said. “Down 0-3 or up 3-0. You got to get the four. So it’s never over. Nobody’s ever counted out. You got to get the four. Once you get the four, it’s over with.

“So down 0-1, we know we’re gonna get to four. We’re in there laughing in there smiling knowing that we could play better. We will play better. We have to be better if we want to wi. So not too much to say. It’s all about what we’re gonna do.”

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