Inside OMAROSA and Jax Taylor’s Unexpected Bond

As for being the latest celebrity eliminated from House of Villains, OMAROSA says it’s “devastating. “There’s no question that because of my injury I looked weak,” she noted, “and because I couldn’t participate, it was the direct result as to why I was robbed of that $200,000 prize. There’s no question about it.”

However, this won’t be the last viewers see of her on the show.

“I exact my revenge,” she teased. “The person that gets me out, I get them out. Let’s be very clear, I orchestrate the end result. So, I’m very excited about.”

So, what’s next for OMAROSA after her recent return to TV?

“I have been working on a documentary about Deion Sanders‘ time at Jackson State and now in Colorado for the last two years,” she revealed. “We are in the last phase of editing and have already been accepted into seven different film festivals.

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