Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield’s Reunion Will Tingle Your Spidey Senses

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield get an easy A for being friendly exes.

Case in point? The actress had the sweetest reaction when she saw her former The Amazing Spider-Man costar from afar at the London premiere of her movie Poor Things on Dec. 14. After addressing the audience from the front of the theater, Emma seemingly gestured to Andrew by pointing her two fingers into the crowd, as seen in videos circulating on social media.

And as the Oscar winner—who is married and shares 2-year-old daughter Louise with husband Dave McCary—climbed up the steps to her seat, she was also seen blowing multiple kisses and waving in Andrew’s direction.

Needless to say, the internet fell crazy, stupid in love with the interaction.

“This is so cute omg,” one fan wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, while another commentor added, “Them still being friends is why I know they’re both good people.”

Fans also compared their reunion to the ending of La La Land, in which Emma’s character Mia supports her ex-boyfriend Seb (played by Ryan Gosling) at his jazz club after both moving on from their breakup. As one person quipped, “This is some La La land s–t.” 

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