Inside Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley’s Dreamy Love Story

“It’s a common theme, isn’t it?” Robbie noted. “I hate—hate—being alone.”

Close quarters don’t bother her, either. After Barbie wrapped last summer, she and Ackerley took the British Pullman from London and then overnighted on the Orient Express from Paris to Venice. Then, on a trip to Japan, they rode the seven-car Seven Stars across the island of Kyushu.

“All I want to do,” Robbie explained to Vogue, “is live on a train.”

Eating also factors heavily into their travels (they waited in line for three and a half hours to sample udon carbonara in Tokyo), but she steers clear of the kitchen at home. Or at least of the appliances that make the food.

“In our friendship group in L.A. and London, all the guys cook, and love cooking, and are really good at it,” Robbie said. “And none of the girls cook, and we love drinking, and we’re really good at it.”

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