Gypsy Rose Blanchard Spotted for First Time After 7 Years in Prison

As the court case played out, Gypsy testified about her mother’s alleged abuse, saying that Dee Dee kept her isolated from others, forced her to undergo unnecessary medical treatments and told family members that she suffered from various illnesses, what many now believe was a form of Munchausen by proxy.

While in prison, Gypsy went on to marry Ryan in 2022. She’s also set to speak out about the harrowing details of her shocking life story in an upcoming Lifetime docu-series.

“After a lifetime of silence, I finally get to use my voice to share my story and speak my truth,” Gypsy shared in the trailer for The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, set to premiere next month. “As a survivor of relentless child abuse, this docu-series chronicles my quest for liberation and journey through self-discovery.”

Keep reading for more of TV’s wildest true crime moments ever.

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