Brian Gutekunst had mind made up about Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst seems more than ready to move on from franchise quarterback Aaron Rodgers to see what Jordan Love is all about.

Let’s just say Aaron Rodgers and Brian Gutekunst have been on way better terms before…

This Green Bay Packers partnership has been rockier than rocky road ice cream. From the persistent ice cream headaches, to lying about what exactly it is we’re dealing with, it has been a messy last few years for the Packers, one where the wholesome chocolatey goodness is seeping into the carpeted floor in the back of their shared winnebago. At least the cheese curds are warm!

Here is what the Packers’ general manager revealed to one NFL colleague about his organization’s thoughts about moving on from its franchise quarterback.

“At one point late last year, Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst told an NFL colleague he was convinced it was time the organization move on from quarterback Aaron Rodgers and see what Jordan Love had in him.”

So what’s Jordan Love got to do (go to do) with it? Absolutely everything, as revealed in Tom Silverstein’s latest for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. You’re gonna need a few Spotted Cows to get through this…

Packers: Brian Gutekunst wants to see if Jordan Love can play, not Aaron Rodgers

From a competitive timeline standpoint, you can understand why Gutekunst wants to see if his former first-round pick he traded up for when he didn’t have to can actually play. Love had that one good year at Utah State half a decade ago, but this feels like the Packers general manager is quadrupling down on a bad investment years ago. This is how you destroy an empire in a decade.

Is Rodgers past his prime? Probably. He’s had a great run in Green Bay and will be a no-doubt, first-ballot Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee as soon as he is eligible. Currently, he is pushing 40 while trying to find himself in complete darkness. Unlike Bane, he wasn’t born in it. He’s from Chico, dude. In truth, he should go where all aging stars go when they are cooked. Las Vegas, baby!

Although he and Gutekunst may be ones to bet on themselves, this partnership has long reached its expiration date. It’s like finding a bratwurst in the back of your freezer from uncle’s bicentennial celebration four houses ago. It’s not enjoyable anymore and you’re going to get sick just thinking about it. You are better off parting ways with it because Hoarders doesn’t care about your privacy.

This is a publicly traded company, people! Never forget that!

Overall, Rodgers probably needs to head somewhere else if he wants to win another Super Bowl. His big number on the books will keep the Packers cap-strapped for the rest of his playing career. In theory, Gutekunst could recoup some precious draft capital to build the best team around Love as humanly possible. The hope is it will be Daniel Jones playing for Brian Daboll’s New York Giants.

That’s not good enough.

Ultimately, the Packers are long overdue for a complete reset. They have not been irrelevant since the 1980s. That was over 40 years ago, so be proud that this franchise has not bottomed out since Ronald Reagan was in office. Love may breathe life into a dying Super Bowl dream, but this franchise has earned the right to rebuild this thing from the ground up the right way in the 2020s.

The sooner Gutekunst and Rodgers are both out of the building, the better off the Packers will be.

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