Wink Martindale wants to return to New York Giants in 2024

For the first time since FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer dropped a bomb and reported that New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll and defensive coordinator Wink Martindale were on the outs, the latter spoke to reporters.

Taking the podium on Friday, Martindale dismissed the report (and those that came after it), suggesting that no one on the outside of the building has a clue what’s going on inside.

“Yeah,” Martindale said point-blank when asked if he’d like to return in 2024.

Martindale had previously stated that the Giants aren’t viewed as a stepping stone but rather, a destination. He’s offered up heavy praise for team ownership and isn’t back off of that now.

“I still am (raving about this organization),” Martindale told reporters. “The Maras and the Tischs and this organization. . . I’ve said that this is not a stepping stone (but) a destination and it still is.”

Martindale also stated that rebuilding a franchise is a lot like constructing a skyscraper in New York City. For most, watching the erection isn’t as enjoyable as taking in the finished product. And given the team’s struggles this season, a lot of these reports are likely built out of that frustration.

“When they built the big skyscrapers over there in the city, they were putting in the pilings, that’s not fun to watch. It’s fun to go see the building after it’s done,” Martindale said. “Right now we’re still putting in the pilings in Year 2.”

Still, Martindale said, he has no idea what the future may hold.

“No one knows (what the future holds),” Martindale said. “I could go grab my golf clubs and go play gold in Florida. Hopefully, it’s a raise. Don’t we all want raises? . . . You just don’t know what’s going to happen. I can’t predict the future.”

Ultimately, Martindale says his relationship with Daboll is unchanged from a year ago and the negative reports anger him. But in the meantime, he will continue to show up for work until his key card no longer works.

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