6 versatile looks from the Game of Thrones actress that prove she has ICONIC style

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Happy Birthday Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams turns 25! The English actress is famously known for her debut character Arya Stark in HBO’s epic blockbuster Game of Thrones. Williams was lauded for her portrayal of the character and was even nominated for two Emmy Awards for her exceptional performance. She started her acting career, as a small girl of 12 with the largest ensemble cast of the time, the GOT fam. The character and Williams soon received global recognition as the show’s popularity rose to newer heights. Williams is not only an actress but also an internet entrepreneur, in 2019 the actress co-launched the social media platform, Daisie, for upcoming artists and creators. Besides being an actress and entrepreneur, she also is a fashion icon. Williams often surprises her fans and the industry with her versatile fashion sense. Scroll down further to sift through some of the best looks by Maisie Williams yet.

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