Glorious summer-themed cakes for your nuptials inspired by Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s floral wedding cake

Newlyweds Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor may have opted for a summer wedding in April when the temperatures are soaring in Mumbai. But their light and sunny décor in tones of soothing white and glimmering gold did them justice. So, it comes as no wonder that the duo ditched a decadent and dense chocolate cake and instead opted for a light and summery wedding cake in sunshine tones. The lovebirds were spotted cutting their lemon-hued, three-tier cake as they paved their way into marital bliss.

Right from the airy cream frosting to the offbeat flower motifs; their choice of confection was as mouth-watering as it was elegant. Should you be dreaming of your own nuptials, you may wish to explore some of these summer-themed cakes to add a splash of sunshine to your ceremony.

Coconut and Lemon Ice Cream Cake

When your guests are dressed in their festive best for your nuptials, you might imagine that the rich silks and finery they wear do them no favors when it comes to beating the heat. So, if a summer wedding is what you have your heart set on, then ask your baker to whip up a glorious ice cream cake. A lemon and coconut ice cream cake is ideal as it introduces tropical flavors that shall soothe your soul on a warm summer day. As coconut cream and lemon zest pair well together, this confection will be a huge hit!

A Citrusy Layered 4-tier Cake

Whether you prefer a tang of sour in your fruit or dense cloying sweetness, there is no debate about the fact that you need a cake that refreshes your tastebuds during the warmer months. So, opt for a citrus confection with lots of cream cheese frosting and opt to skip any use of fondant. Your guests will adore the tangy notes and thank you.

tropical cake summer wedding

Moist Blueberry Chiffon Cake

If you are averse to lemon, berries are a great way to add a hint of sour to your confection so that the tart flavor is balanced against the sweetness of the cream and frosting. A Blueberry Chiffon Cake is incredibly fluffy and airy, which makes it a delight for guests. As this would be drizzled with a mildly sweet but sharp blueberry glaze, it shall induce a fruity flavor on your tongue that will leave you wanting more!

tropical cake at wedding

If you wish to tone down the use of fondant and frosting even further, you can always opt for a moist naked cake that is bedecked with edible blooms for your big day.

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