5 toughest decisions facing New York Giants GM Joe Schoen

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The main candidate for the franchise tag is running back Saquon Barkley.

This season, Barkley played for the tag salary of approximately $11.1 million. If Schoen is going to tag Barkley a second time (a move that would not sit well with the star running back) it will cost him a bit more — around $12.4 million for one season.

The alternative would be to allow Barkley to test the free-agent waters. That could go either way for both Barkley and the Giants.

Then there is the possibility they lose Barkley to another team altogether. Barkley did not attend his year-end exit interview with management, deciding to just walk out of the building.

“They did it last year. So I’m numb to it,” he said. “I don’t have any feelings toward that at all. If you’re gonna do it, just don’t wait until March 5. Just get it over with. If not, let me go. Simple.”

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