Zion Williamson ignores Pelicans’ advice on diet and conditioning

Photo: New Orleans Pelicans/Twitter

Zion Williamson’s physical preparedness faced criticism on Thursday when the New Orleans Pelicans suffered a significant defeat against the Los Angeles Lakers in the In-Season Tournament semifinals. The stark contrast in speed and energy between the 38-year-old LeBron James and Williamson became a focal point.

Repeatedly, the Pelicans have emphasized to Williamson the importance of enhancing his diet and overall conditioning. According to various Pelicans sources, as reported by Christian Clark of The Times-Picayune, Williamson appears resistant to these suggestions, with a consensus that he “doesn’t listen.”

Despite maintaining good health and availability to play, Williamson is experiencing a career-low Player Efficiency Rating (PER) of 21.8 this season. Notably, he earned All-Star recognition in both 2021 and 2023.

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