Zayn Malik Shares Rare Insight Into Private Life With Daughter Khai

Zayn Malik Shares Rare Insight Into Private Life With Daughter Khai

These days, the story of Zayn Malik‘s life is a simple one. 

The former One Direction member spends much of his time on his farm in Pennsylvania with his 3-year-old daughter Khai, whom he shares with ex Gigi Hadid. In fact, his tranquil surroundings even influenced his upcoming fourth studio album, Room Under the Stairs.

“I think life in general can influence your writing process,” he told Sean Evans on a March 14 episode of Hot Ones. “You have to live and go through things to have something to talk about. So yeah, it’s definitely has took on the surrounding area of Pennsylvania.”

And of what exactly that night sound like, Zayn added, “It’s got that feel, it’s got the chill, like introspective kind of conscious kind of thing going on. And I’m really excited for people to listen to it because it’s really different from anything I’ve ever done before, it’s super personal.”

Something else that’s personal? His go-to recipe in the kitchen, which has a sweet reason behind it. 

“It’s probably spaghetti bolognese,” the 31-year-old revealed. “I’m getting pretty good at sneaking vegetables in there for my daughter, because she’s not about vegetables at all. And it tastes really good.”

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