Zayn Malik Sends Heartfelt Message to Fans in Rare Social Media Return

From dusk till dawn, Zayn Malik is grateful for his fans.

Though the “Pillow Talk” singer has remained mostly out of the public eye in recent years, he made a rare return to social media on May 27 to send a heartfelt message.

“I would like to say thank you to everyone that has supported me throughout this amazing journey,” he tweeted, “especially to my fans who I owe my life to.”

“Love and adore you,” the One Direction alum continued, “and see everything you do for me.”

Given that the 30-year-old is not typically active on the social media platform—he’s only tweeted one other time in 2023 so far—his message delighted followers online.

“We adore YOU Zayn!” one Twitter user wrote. “So good to see your tweet. YOU MADE MY WEEK!!!” While another tweeted, “we’re so proud of you and we will always support you!!”

Zayn’s message comes one month after he appeared to tease a return to music on another social media platform, Instagram

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