Zach LaVine acknowledges Bulls’ attempted trade talks

Photo: Chicago Bulls/Twitter

Amidst the Chicago Bulls’ early-season struggles, rumors of a potential trade involving star guard Zach LaVine have surfaced.

LaVine, well aware of the speculations, confirmed that the Bulls explored trade options for him during the summer.

LaVine addressed the behind-the-scenes discussions, as reported by K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports: “The storylines out there right now about me are on both sides. It’s something that wasn’t said completely verbally to the media. It’s something that is behind closed doors that a bunch of narratives can get spun around and said about me and stories will be portrayed. And that’s part of the business.”

Despite the off-court discussions, LaVine expressed his commitment to the team: “Am I still a part of this team and very committed? Yeah. I got a Bulls jersey on. I committed here. And for as long as I’ll be here, I’ll still support and love Chicago and go out there and play my heart out for those guys.”

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