You Won’t Believe How Julie Chrisley Made a Hot Casserole in Prison

Julie Chrisley is the casserole queen, even behind bars.

In fact, Savannah Chrisley recently revealed her mom did some crafty cooking over the holidays and whipped up a delicious meal for her fellow prison inmates using only the scarcest of resources.

“I decided to cook for Thanksgiving,” Savannah, reading a letter written by Julie last November, recounted on the Apr. 2 episode of her Unlocked podcast. “I fought against it but I decided to do it. There was about 10 of us who cooked together. I made chicken and stuffing casseroles. There was chips and dip. Several ladies made dessert. It doesn’t sound like much, but cooking anything in here is a chore.”

Julie—who is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence in Kentucky for bank fraud and tax evasion—went on to explain exactly how she baked her Thanksgiving dish without a kitchen or utensils. (Her husband Todd Chrisley is also currently serving 10 years behind bars.)

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