Would Kendra Wilkinson Ever Get Back With Ex Hank Baskett? She Says…

But while Playboy was a major part of her life during the mid-aughts, Kendra had no interest in appearing in the A&E docuseries Secrets of Playboy.

“I was asked to participate, and I said no,” the 37-year-old shared, later adding, “It’s pretty simple. I just want to move forward in my life. So, I’m not going to want to go back and talk about things I’ve healed from. So, I just thought about I’m focused on real estate, I’m focused on being a single mom, I don’t really have that much time to go back like that. No disrespect to anybody else and stories and all that—because there’s a lot of stories that come out of the mansion.”

But she said if her kids ever had questions about her life on her past reality TV shows, she would talk to them about it.

“It’s all open,” Kendra shared. “I’m very honest. You have to be honest in my case….If they have questions, you answer them. But they know me as mom. Everything’s been good.”

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