Woj: Bob Myers leaves Warriors after 12 years

Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Bob Myers, the president and general manager of the Warriors, is stepping down after a remarkable 12-year tenure that included four NBA championships, per Adrian Wojnarowski.

Myers, a two-time executive of the year, declined ownership offers for a new deal and cited various factors beyond money as reasons for his departure.

The 48-year-old’s decision has left the future of his professional pathway uncertain, but should he choose to return to a team-side role, he is expected to be one of the most sought-after executives in modern sports history.

Myers will address the media in San Francisco, reflecting on his Hall of Fame-worthy tenure and his strong relationships with key Warriors players and coach Steve Kerr.

With Myers leaving, Warriors owner Joe Lacob is likely to elevate his son, Kirk, and VP of basketball operations Mike Dunleavy Jr. The Warriors face difficult decisions ahead regarding key players and their payroll, as they strive to maintain their championship-caliber status.

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