Why TikToker Alix Earle Says She Got “Face Transplant” in Her Sleep

Alix Earle doesn’t want to filter the truth.

The TikToker shared a look at her old driver’s license photo compared to her current one and took a moment to explain what cosmetic work she had done in the years between.

“I think I got a face transplant in my sleep, because what is going on here with the difference of these two photos?” Alix teased in an Oct. 20 TikTok video. “I’m 17 years old in the top one and 22 in the bottom. I mean, no wonder I was getting denied from every single bar.”

Despite her joking, the 22-year-old gave insight into what she has done, adding, “Puberty and some life filler, man. These are just not the same people.”

Fans flocked to the comments section to share their surprise, with one user writing, “It’s legit a different person,” to which Alix responded, “They are not the same.”

Another follower wrote, “The way my jaw dropped when I realized it was Alix Earle.”

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