Why Teen Found Dead on Highway Has “Undetermined” Manner of Death

One major question behind the tragic death of an Oklahoma teenager has yet to be answered. 

Due to the mysterious way Noah Presgrove‘s body was discovered on the side of the highway on Sept. 4, the exact manner of his death cannot yet be determined, according to an autopsy report obtained by E! News May 14. 

In fact, authorities revealed in the document that, despite confirming the 19-year-old’s cause of death as “multiple blunt force injuries,” they were unable to find enough evidence at the scene to ascertain where those injuries came from, as there were “no vehicle parts or debris observed” on the road. As a result, authorities aren’t able to label his manner of death as homicide, suicide, accidental or natural.  

And that isn’t the only strange detail officials noted in the autopsy, which established that Noah’s fatal injuries included multiple lacerations to the brain, as well as a skull fracture that split the “middle base of the skull into two.”

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