Why Sharon Osbourne Says Recent Facelift Was “Worst Thing” She’s Done

Sharon Osbourne wasn’t born this way.

The Talk host admitted that she regrets a recent plastic surgery procedure, saying she looked “like a Cyclops” after getting her third facelift in October 2021.

“That was the worst thing that I ever did,” she told The Times in an interview published Dec. 15, per People. “I had one eye here and one eye there and my mouth was all skewwhiff, and then I had to wait for that to heal before I could go back and have it corrected.”  

Sharon—who also got facelifts in 1987 and 2002—said she went under the knife again because of “vanity” and “ego.” 

“‘Oh, you look great for your age,'” she recalled being told. “I know what I really look like. When I look in the mirror, I see the real me.”

But even with the undesired outcome, the 71-year-old told E! News in September that everybody “needs a tune up” every few years.

Sharon—who has been married to Ozzy Osbourne since 1982—confessed, “There’s not one part of my body I haven’t had twisted, lifted, elongated, whatever.”

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