Why Miley Cyrus Says Her & Liam Hemsworth’s Former Home Had “Magic”

Why Miley Cyrus Says Her & Liam Hemsworth’s Former Home Had “Magic”

Miley Cyrus is detailing some of her most cherished memories.

The “Flowers” singer reflected on the significance of her former Malibu home, which she shared with ex Liam Hemsworth before it burned down due to the California wildfires nearly five years ago, noting how it served as the starting block to her professional development.

The Meet Miley Cyrus record was really where I started writing my own songs as a solo artist,” Miley said in an Aug. 29 TikTok. “And so I was working with a producer in Malibu that lived in a house in Ramirez Canyon, which I would’ve never known 15 years later I would be living in that house, which would eventually burn down.”

As the 30-year-old noted, “That house had so much magic to it. It ended up really changing my life.”

In November 2018, the former couple’s $2.5 million four-bedroom home was lost due to the wildfires that ripped through the area. At the time, Miley—who was married to the Last Song actor from the following month until their August 2019 split—was filming a project outside of the country.

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