Why Leslie Fhima Briefly Considered Leaving The Golden Bachelor

Instead, she was able to literally ride off into the sunset later that day with Gerry on their one-on-one ATV date. 

“I am a little bit more down to earth,” noted the former professional figure skater and national aerobics champion, explaining why the outing that aired during the Oct. 19 episode was tailor-made for her and the 72-year-old pickleball enthusiast. “I like activities, adventure, all that stuff.”

Naturally the two “had the best time,” she continued of the date, wrapping up the day Bachelor-style with “a hot tub in the middle of nowhere.” 

Presumably, they did raise at least one toast to Leslie’s son, who insisted his mom continue her journey. “He gave me the gift of staying and having an amazing date with Gerry,” she said, “which I think changed our relationship, took it to a different level.” 

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