Why Ice-T Sits Out This Holiday Tradition With Coco and Chanel

With Chanel in school, “I can’t be bouncing around like I used to do and it’s hard keeping it together.” In fact, she added, “The scheduling has been the hardest complaint out of our whole entire marriage. But we figure it out.”

In addition to the date nights she dresses up for, because she knows he likes it when she does (“Night out flavor… ICE Style – COCO Style,” he captioned a shot of his sneaker-clad foot next to Coco’s red stiletto and pretty pink pedicure), they make a point of checking in with each other as much as possible.

“You must constantly involve each other in things,” Coco explained. “When you’re with each other for so long, you have your thing going on and he has his, and your lives start separating. And it just naturally happens, it’s not like people fall out of love.”

So in their case, to avoid an irreparable divergence, she and Ice remember what the other likes and apply it.

“We are regular human beings,” Coco said, “we’re working all the time, we have a daughter to raise. But we always have to take a moment to do us.”  

Keep scrolling for more sweet scenes from Ice-T, Coco and Chanel’s family world:

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