Why Emma Roberts Had Kim Kardashian’s Lip Gloss All Over Her Face

Emma Roberts is kissing and telling.

The American Horror Story star revealed what it was really like to lock lips with Kim Kardashian in the AHS: Delicate Part Two series.

“You know, we do it, you forget about it, and seeing it, it looked so intense,” Emma told Jimmy Fallon on the April 3 episode of The Tonight Show. “But meanwhile, we were laughing, because we kissed and they said, ‘Cut,’ and Kim looked at me and started laughing. I was like, ‘What?’ and I just had her [lip] gloss all over my face.”

Emma then admitted, “We had to do major cleanup in between every take.”

Despite the makeup mess, the Madame Web actress noted the Kardashians star has the “most perfect, glossed lips.”

Just last month, fans went wild after seeing the AHS teaser trailer, which showed the costars making out.

“I’m going to give you the life of your dreams,” Kim’s character Siobhan told Anna (played by Emma) in the March 20 clip. “What would you give up for it?” Before leaning in to kiss Siobhan, Anna replied, “Anything.”

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