Why Chris Olsen Is Keeping His New Boyfriend’s Identity a Secret

Chris Olsen is keeping a coffee cup lid on his romance.

Although the TikTok star revealed a month ago that he officially has a boyfriend, he’s holding his partner’s identity close to his chest. 

For now, Chris said he’s only comfortable “soft launching” their relationship on social media, as he told friend Meghan Trainor during a recent appearance on her podcast Workin’ On It

“There is a skinny, fit, gorgeous elephant in the room,” the singer told Chris, who remarked, “What a combination of words… I thought you were calling him an elephant.”

But yes, he acknowledged, “My boyfriend’s here! He’s in the room.”

Chris then explained why he prefers to keep him off camera—and it’s not because he wants to be cryptic with his 11 million TikTok followers. 

“I’m not doing it because I’m like, ‘Oh, figure it out,'” the 25-year-old shared. “It’s because, if we all remember how I started on social media, we can’t do that. We can’t be doing that again.”

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