Who Rules After King Charles III?

When Jay-Z and Kanye West dropped Watch the Throne in 2011, they weren’t talking about the British royal family. 

But, if you’re a royal watcher, well, you may as well interpret it that way, knowing all eyes are always on the monarchy and what changes the future holds. 

The biggest of all (so far, that is) came back in September 2022 when Queen Elizabeth II—Britain’s longest-reigning monarch—died and her eldest son King Charles III (then just Prince Charles) immediately ascended the throne in accordance with rule.

And with the title change for Charles—who recently started treatment for cancer, Buckingham Palace shared Feb. 5—came promotions for the entire family.

Prince William picked up the Prince of Wales title and suddenly became heir apparent. Meanwhile, his and Kate Middleton‘s kids Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5, also inched their way that much closer to the throne.

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