Where is Chiefsaholic? Police take steps to find criminal Chiefs superfan

Kansas City Chiefs superfan and criminal Chiefsaholic is in hot water after failing to appear in court recently. 

Xavier Badubar became well known for his devotion to the Kansas City Chiefs and, more specifically, the costume he wore to every home game. Badubar used to take in Chiefs games dressed as a werewolf. He eventually earned the moniker “Chiefsaholic.”

Now the famed superfan is in the public eye for a very different reason. Or, more accurately, he’s out of the public eye — and that’s the problem.

The Chiefs’ fan allegedly broke bad, and now he’s evidently on the run.

Chiefs superfan turned criminal is now on Kansas City’s most wanted list

Badubar was arrested in December for allegedly robbing the Tulsa Teachers Credit Union, according to Mike Florio of NBC Sports. The alleged bank robber was let out on $80,000 bond and required to wear an ankle monitor. The stipulation: he wasn’t allowed to leave Oklahoma.

Well, in March he removed his ankle monitor and failed to appear in court. Now he has a $1 million bond warrant attached to his name, and Kansas City’s local legend is getting a new reputation. He has now been placed on the Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers most wanted list at No. 5.

With Badubar doing his best football-themed reinterpretation of Hell or High Water, one has to imagine the Chiefs’ superfan won’t be at any upcoming home games. His Twitter account has been deactivated and although there’s merit to the idea of hiding in plain sight, showing up to Arrowhead Stadium in full wolf regalia probably isn’t his best move.

It has been understandably difficult for law officials to locate Badubar without his big eyes, massive teeth, and hairy arms, but generally the success rate for folks going on the run after a bank robbery is pretty low. We aren’t talking about the movies, and frankly, are movie criminals really that successful?

The Chiefs figure to get along just fine without Budubar in the stadium. Arrowhead is the loudest place on earth Sundays and one absent howler won’t change that. On the other hand, Badubar might be missing his weekly routine in a few months’ time.

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