What Prigozhin’s March Taught Us About Putin’s Russia

What Prigozhin’s March Taught Us About Putin’s Russia

CIPHER BRIEF REPORTING & EXPERT ANALYSIS – Just a week after Wagner Group Chief Yevgeny Prigozhin launched the final mission of his mercenary career in the form of a revolt against Russia’s leadership, President Vladimir Putin is moving swiftly to identify and punish those who may have helped while western experts assess the fissures in Putin’s regime.

After a months-long feud between Prigozhin and Russia’s defense ministry, Prigozhin’s mutinous revolt brought thousands of mercenaries within a few hundred miles of Moscow. And then, they stopped. Prigozhin’s forces halted their advance and headed back to their bases, as Prigozhin himself accepted a deal that sent him into an uneasy exile. 

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