Watch Maya Rudolph Get Ditched by Adam Scott in This Loot Clip

When you have dogs named Mary Kate and Ashley, you know you’re living right.

Molly Novak (Maya Rudolph), a literal billionaire, has a blank check for a lavish party courtesy of husband John Novak (Adam Scott) in this exclusive clip from the series premiere of Loot, dropping June 24 on Apple TV+.

While touring a party space, Molly’s assistant Nicholas (Joel Kim Booster), tells her, “As you can probably tell, this is the smallest pool on the entire ship. I’m actually a little embarrassed to have to show it to you.”

Despite her obvious wealth and power, Molly remains chill.

“No, it’s cute,” she tells Nicholas. “You know who this pool would be perfect for? The dogs! Sweetie, do you think Mary Kate and Ashley would like this pool?”

A very distracted John does his best to care, saying, “Yeah, looks great.” But he can barely look up from his phone.

“Seriously, are you even listening?” Molly asks him.

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