Voices of the occupied West Bank: ‘I’ll keep speaking with love’ | Israel War on Gaza

Occupied West Bank – In a continuation of Al Jazeera’s conversations with people in the occupied West Bank about how they view the endless tragic news from the besieged and bombarded Gaza Strip and the realities of trying to make a life as a Palestinian under occupation, here are four Palestinians’ stories:

A young Christian man bewildered at how the message of peace and forgiveness that was born with Christ in Palestine could be forgotten so cruelly.

A human rights defender whose life’s work has been to protect the people of Palestine from the usurpation of their rights.

A father who wakes every day with dread because he is terrified that one of his children in Gaza has been killed overnight.

And a mother whose son made the ultimate sacrifice of his young life because he took the only path he thought he could to fight against injustice.

Note: Interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

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