Victor Wembanyama: “We’re losing together”

Photo: Victor Wembanyama/Twitter

The San Antonio Spurs selected Victor Wembanyama as the No. 1 pick last summer. However, despite having the French prodigy on their roster, they kicked off the season with only three wins in 13 games, enduring a stretch of eight consecutive losses.

Wembanyama secured another double-double in the game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Post-match, he discussed the team’s disappointment in letting go of a 19-point lead they had built in the first half.

“How are we going to react? By just complaining or doing the things to bring up that energy. We need fresh energy coming onto the court, coming from halftime,” Wembanyama said.

Despite the setbacks, he remains optimistic about the team’s strong chemistry.

“We have a very healthy locker room, healthy relations between each other. This is not an issue at all. We’re losing, we’re losing together. If someone puts his head down, we go and help him. If someone falls on the court, all of us rush to help him up. There’s nothing like that.”

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