Vanessa Hudgens Is Overwhelmed Planning Her Wedding to Cole Tucker

While delicious on their own, they make the perfect base for mixed tipples, she noted. Hudgens’ go-to is combining the ginger and lime flavor with gin and a touch of agave. Though now that they’ve dropped a “sweet and refreshing” pineapple blend, she said, “I’m really excited to make piña coladas out of it.”

And not only does her preferred blend—frozen with rum and coconut milk over ice with a mint sprig on top—have the makings for a great signature cocktail, it can help ease the pain of any overindulging that might take place at the Hudgen-Tucker nuptials

With each sip packed with electrolytes, “while you are dehydrating yourself with alcohol, you’re also rehydrating yourself with the Caliwater so it kind of balances out,” Hudgens said. “It’s the perfect helper to a hangover or to put in between your cocktails to reset.” 

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