Trail Blazers not pursuing Zach LaVine in potential Damian Lillard trade

Photo: Chicago Bulls/Twitter

As the Damian Lillard trade saga continues, the Miami Heat’s pursuit of the star player faces persistent challenges in negotiations with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Despite Lillard’s expressed desire to join the Heat, other teams have started exploring trade scenarios.

Journalist Kyle Neubeck has introduced an unexpected twist by suggesting that the Chicago Bulls might become a wildcard entrant in the Lillard sweepstakes. He suggested that Zach LaVine could be used in such a trade.

However, Kelly Iko’s report emphasizes that the Trail Blazers have consistently shown little interest in acquiring LaVine directly.

According multiple sources, though, LaVine does not align with Portland’s rebuilding strategy, which focuses on developing a young backcourt led by Scoot Henderson and Anfernee Simons.

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